[SS] Chapter 106: The Ice Melt Guild

Hydra and the rest were led through the gates and into the palace.  It was a long walk from the gate to the palace entrance but no one complained, as most, including Hydra, were too intrigued to be bothered by the extra amount of steps taken.


However the moment they walked up to the doors of the palace a few guards opened the door seeing Sagarus’s presence.  Although they couldn’t see their gazes, Hydra’s group could tell they were giving a glare of wariness towards them.  All the guards knew that today was the day of the banquet.  However these guards were wary of anyone simply because they were doing their job diligently.  They were unlike the guards at the gates and only cautiously watching those that entered.


After entering they found that there was a path of white stone that led further into the castle and split off into other passages.  As for the remaining stone it was a pale grey closer to a silverish colour without the shine to it.  It was a combination one would think didn’t fit well but surprisingly it gave light mood when walking in and the the oppressive feeling of a palace.   There were numerous statues of soldiers holding their sword point to the ground while standing at attention.  These statues were simply marvelous and the craftsmanship was superb.  The soft wrinkles of the clothing and the well toned body gave a feeling of realism.  Although they were still statues Hydra let out a breath of admiration.


“These are quite skillfully made.”


Hydra spoke as he looked at each passing statue.  He was more interested in there because they were nicely made, different from the gates where he wanted to steal them.  On the other hand Irina was looking at the large pillars that were supporting the structure of the castle.  They were placed in efficient locations to hold as much weight as possible.  They were large and more than likely the same stone that the white pathway was made of.   But maybe it was because it was rising straight up, Irina could see the structure of the stone better.  When she walked by one on their way she carefully move her eyes to steal a glimpse.  After she successfully passed one she would look around to make sure no one saw what she was doing.  Unfortunately as she was pressed against Hydra.  There was someone else pressed against him and Irina made eye contact with Valeria, who in turn covered her mouth and smiled with her eyes.


‘She saw me…. Ah!! I want to run away!  But if I do she will take advantage of Hydra!’


Irina felt embarrassed but she refused to show any signs of this.  Instead she immediately broke eye contact with Valeria unconsciously but she soon realized that was instead the wrong decision.  As she was looking forward with a tinge of red on her little puffy cheeks, but in the next moment Irina could hear a light snicker from the other side of Hydra.


Hydra responded with a tilt of his head as he was broken from his trance towards the statues.  As he tilted his head and spoke out.


“What’s up Valeria?”


“Oh it’s nothing!”


Valeria responded as she elegantly his her smile behind the palm of her hand.  Valeria felt a little bit happy seeing Irina’s embarrassment.  However as she calmed down, her good mood turned sour.  She too was entranced by the palace hallway, but for a different reason entirely.




Hydra’s Bread Followers made their way through the palace hallway and were led to a large banquet room.  As the wooden doors with a particular design and grooves were opened, a burst of intense pressure enveloped Hydra and his friends.  Immediately their facial expressions turned serious.  


Cline walked up to Sagarus and thanked him for walking them to the banquet.  Although they didn’t come across any potential problems, Cline was still thankful to his old subordinate.  As for the pressure he didn’t mind it much.  It was something that Cline had clearly been through many times before.  It was the scent of blood.  It was the feeling of an intense bloodlust that could cause sane people to turn insane.  It was enough for both Irina and Valeria to unintentionally squeeze onto Hydra’s arms.


Although Irina was by no means a weak warrior, she was still by birth an Elf.  Someone who tended to live in the forests with a calm and tranquil nature.  She was childish and sometimes had tantrums from the smallest things, this was a part of her.  However even still she did not enjoy the feeling of murder.  She only wished to live herself and in an atmosphere that should be a calm banquet caused her to feel uneasy.


As for Valeria she was not a fighter to begin with.  She could hold her own, but if one was to compare her to all of Hydra’s other top leaders, she would undoubtedly be the weakest.  Her talent lied in overseeing the entire corps of the Bread Order.  Naturally she was closer to a secretary to Cline and Hydra.  Where Hydra was a model, and Pan was the symbol, behind them Cline and her ran everything else.  


Falcon’s muscles tensed as he felt the bloodlust and he contended by straightening his previous face.  He didn’t feel in danger, but as he was a direct subordinate of Hydra, there was no way he would allow his light attitude get the better of him.  He approached Hydra’s back to protect him from any danger.


Hydra himself was staring off into the distance.  The glass chandeliers lit up the entire room.  Inside the room were numerous people and although it was unbearably silent, when the doors opened and Hydra’s group entered, all eyes were on Hydra and his companions.   But as Hydra was staring at the people in the corners, or some eating the delicious meat and desserts prepared for them, a spark ignited in his heart.


‘So, this is where I finally can fight with players?  Although I’ve been taught martial arts by the old man and Sarah, I can tell that none of these guys are weak.  So the difference will come down to classes and equipment.  But have I gathered good enough gear?  Lately my gear is falling behind my level.’


Hydra thought himself as he slightly smirked on the side of his lips.  This was the place he wanted to be more than anything.  After being thrown into situations left and right, he could finally say that this event was something he entirely made for himself.  And regardless of the rewards he was going to enjoy every moment.


The moment Hydra’s few companions entered another group entered soon after.  For Hydra’s group there was only silence but for this group it definitely caused a stir.


“Holy crap is that the Ice Melt guild?!”


“No.. fucking… way.”


Some couldn’t believe their eyes as they stared at the fully gear players.  There was a few dozen more than Hydra’s group but even still it wouldn’t be able to even fill a drop of this large room.  They were all equipped with a light blue armor or robes that matched entirely.  On their shoulders was an emblem of an ice spike on the bottom was a small droplet of water to show signs of melting.  What it meant was not something that Hydra could know when he glanced at it.  As the Ice melt guild continued to enter they naturally met up with Hydra and his companions who were still on the main pathway.  Hydra was still in the front of the group so he wasn’t the first of the group to run into and without hesitation the Ice Melt continued to walk as to make a collision with Hydra’s group.  As they were about to collide Falcon rushed forward and roared.


“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”


Falcon’s voice echoed in the hall and everyone was momentarily shocked into a daze.  No one had expected an unknown Natural would anger one of the strongest guild in [Second Saga].  As the daze stalled everyone, this gave enough time for Hydra and Cline to catch up.  Hydra left Irina and Valeria behind the group as he wasn’t sure how the situation would develop.  Irina and Valeria had wanted protest but Hydra gave a pleading look that they could not argue against.


‘If anything happens, I swear I’ll let the arrows fly!’


‘If someone hurts you let them feel the wrath of a woman in love!’


Although both of their thoughts were entirely different, both Valeria and Irina were worried about Hydra’s well being.  They could tell that the brawns for brains Falcon had progressed the situation in the wrong way.  Although the Ice Melt guild was looking to cause trouble, it could easily be led away from a fight with a quick response.  Instead Falcon did what any of the other Bread Followers would do, and that was to defend their pride.  Once again, Falcon roared and this shocked everyone out of their dazes.


“I said, what the fuck are you doing?”


Falcon tightly clenched his hands into a giant fist.  Hydra and Cline had already made their way beside Falcon.  Hydra himself didn’t try to stop Falcon, from the fact that the words had already been spoken trying to negotiate was unlikely at this point.  Instead Hydra made his position firm and Falcon noticed this was filled with pride knowing that he protected his leader’s honour.  At the very least this was his opinion.  Cline himself only wanted to show him how hard a one-armed man could punch, but that was for later.  As the whispers were ignited around the two groups a blue robed man stepped forward to confront Falcon.


“Might I ask you the same question Natural?  I already checked you out and you’re just a Natural… What is a Natural like you doing here when this place is….”




Falcon roared and cut off the robed man as he directly threw a jab.  Although it was only a jab, a jab from Falcon would still tear apart most men, not to mention a light armoured class like the robed man.  As the punched directly met with the man’s face he was sent flying into a group of blue armoured men.


“………..Falcon, I think that was a bit much.  You can only attack after being attacked first because then it’s self defense!”


Hydra spoke out reprimanding Falcon, although to anyone else it didn’t seem like he was being put down.  Instead Falcon was thinking Hydra was praising him.  At the same time Hydra was thinking something else.


‘Damn religion is a terrifying thing…’
Cline sighed and shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t care anymore and once again because of Falcon, the entire hall was dazed into silence.  As for the Ice Melt guild, they were shivering from anger and as they stood of the man who was sent flying they immediately glared at Falcon with a deep a hatred.  Instead of one person approaching a group of armoured men approached.  From the spaces they made by begin side by side, Hydra could see a person following after them.  It looked like a group of knights protecting their king.  Their steps were heavy and caused an quake with each in timed movement.  They were marching perfectly in sync which only caused the tension to rise.  As they arrived all of the Bread Followers tensed their muscles.  As the armoured knights arrived just in front of Falcon, Cline and Hydra, they opened up showing a visible figure behind them.  But all of the Bread Followers were baffled when they saw who was behind the knights…


[SS] Chapter 105: Defending Gates

At the gates of the imperial castle, Hydra started with a little drool coming from his mouth.  He was unable to hold himself back from muttering as he exited the carriage.

“If I could sell even this gate, I’d probably have enough to send all the kids to school…  Should I just become a thief?  Stealing would get me a lot of money….”

Irina, and Valeria who followed after him exiting the carriage gave Hydra a strange look.  First they were confused by the entire sentence, or at least the beginning of the sentence.  But the thing they paid attention to the most was that he wanted to be a thief all of a sudden.  While each of the two girls knew that Hydra needed money, they didn’t realize it was too this degree.  Unfortunately neither of them had the money to give Hydra to help.  One was a Queen of an elvish town that didn’t care about mediums of exchange such as money.  The other was imprisoned and had nothing to her name as she was suppose to be dead by now.

The worst of it was when he said that the full suited knights in front of the gate heard him.  One of the knights wearing the shiny silver armour, with a red sash over the shoulder, came walking over with an exaggerated movement.  Though it was exaggerated it was probably justified from the fact that the armour looked so heavy.  But to this Hydra was still staring at the gates.  The reason why he was so amazed by the gates was they were created from a dark black stone.  This stone was known as Obsidian.  One of the rares metals to use for equipment.  For even the imperial castle to have this gate was a few million gold alone.

Naturally, the king had tons of money to utilize, however this could still be called an exceptionally overpriced object.  With his drool continuously flowing the knight finally arrived and roared at Hydra fill of rage.

“How dare you!  In front of the palace you dare say you will become a thief and steal the Defending Gate?  Shall I lock you up and throw you into Yorula for you rot your days away?!”

By now Irina and Valeria were getting angrier as the words kept spewing from the knight’s mouth.  However they weren’t armed with weapons and had already given their items and equipment to Hydra to carry with him.  Naturals weren’t given [Void Bags] and had to carry things normally.  As being in their skin tight dressed it would be impossible to conceal their weapons.  For Valeria’s case she didn’t even like to fight, yet she still learn how to use a dagger albeit a small one.  However she wasn’t comfortable hiding it on her thigh when Cline had asked.  Thus she gave everything to Hydra was well.  Even still they were nearly at the point of roaring back at the knight.

Their beautiful faces were unable to turn ugly even with their frowns and glares.  But the knight and as well as Hydra were ignorant of their facial expressions.  Hydra had zoned out so hard that he couldn’t even hear the sounds of the knight yelling right beside him.  It was simply because Hydra cared so much about the orphanage’s problem that he ended up having a one track mind when it came to helping them.  Luckily as the screaming became louder another voice sounded in the air.

“Why don’t we just calm down and relax a bit.  It is a special day after all.”

“Sir Sagarus!  This man..”

Before the knight could continue the just arrived knight rose his hand shaking his head.  It was clear he had no intentions to follow the matter any further.  Without a choice the guard walked back towards the gate.  The new knight had just came walking from behind the Defending Gate after hearing of the noise.  His armour was much more splendid that the knights guarding the gates.  He was adorned with a white armour that gave the impression of a paladin.  He wore a red cape with golden trims.  At the moment he wasn’t wearing his helmet so one could see the sincerity behind his actions.  The bridge of his nose had a soft incline, and his eyes held a kindness that anyone could tell at a glance.  His black hair was slightly pressed down from the helmet he wore, but it only added a unique look to him.  As the knight had arrived just as Cline was stepping out of his carriage with Falcon and a few other Bread followers.  Cline hadn’t even heard what was going on and it was already being solved.  But when Cline saw who was solving it he walked over reluctantly and spoke.

“Thank you Sagarus.”

The knight looked over towards Cline.  At first the knight started to blink, and then he started to take off his glove and rub his eyes.  After in which he pinched himself to make sure, that Cline was in front of him.  Seeing this Cline felt a bit helpless, while Hydra was still thinking about the gates, everyone’s attention rested onto Cline and Sagarus.  Sagarus who finally managed to believed that Cline was in front of him spoke.

“Wall Commander Cline?  You’re alive?!”

Sagarus’s voice rose in pitch as he couldn’t hold his excitement in any longer and rushed over to hug Cline.  At first their group was slightly worried about Cline being known would cause problems, but apparently for Sagarus this wasn’t the case at all.  Cline stood there awkwardly unable to react to the sudden hug.  Sagarus didn’t care, but he let go nonetheless, after doing so he saluted.  Cline shook his hand and spoke.

“Don’t.  You know I am no longer a knight of the Imperial Capital.  Saluting me is below your honour now.  Don’t sully it.”

“But Com..”

“Don’t let it bother you Sagarus.  Anyways, we are here for the event, can you be kind of enough to escort us?  It would prevent any problems for us on our way.”

Sagarus felt conflicted upon hearing these words.  Hr was honoured to be helpful to his previous commander who he was a subordinate of.  But now he was in a different position and he knew of the issue that Cline had committed.  It didn’t change his impression of Cline whatsoever, but he knew that was not how the Nobles thought of it.  Even though Cline was free not that he escaped from Yorula, it still didn’t matter to those Nobles.  They would definitely do all in their power to imprison Cline again.  After all they wouldn’t feel safe with Cline around.  Because not only was Cline incredibly strong, he also had a lot of power in the army.  As many of the soldiers treated him with the utmost respect.

Cline could see the dilemma within Sagarus’s eyes.  After all he knew how good of a person he was.  He wanted to help him, but at the same time he wanted Cline to leave so he wouldn’t be troubled.  Thus Cline could only give a slight nod.  Finally Sagarus agreed and gestured to follow him.  After watching the Bread followers follow one after another, both Valeria and Irina grabbed onto one of Hydra’s arms each and dragged him along.

‘I’m just helping him to follow Cline that’s all.  I’m absolutely not taking advantage of Hydra who is zoned out and I’m not showing my feelings in public.’

Irina calmed herself down within her mind.  On the other hand Valeria was thinking something completely different.

‘Should I take this chance to advance our relationship?  I did kiss him, but if I do it again will I scare him off?  Oh no, I don’t know what to do.  I had to really try my hardest to kiss him.  I’m too embarrassed to do anything else.  But I can’t lose to Irina!’

Valeria squeezed her tiny little hand into a ball as she felt determination rush into her.  With that Hydra was escorted by two beautiful woman, polar opposites of one another into the Palace.  Cline looked back and sighed.  Falcon looked on with complete jealously, and Sagarus thought it was normal for man to have multiple women and didn’t say much.  The rest of the Bread followers were more concerned with Hydra as their leader as opposed to Irina and Valeria.


“Is this the place?”

An ice cold voice sounded out.  As the man and a few thousand behind him arrived just outside of the imperial capital.  He gave a look of disgust towards the capital as if it was the ugliest thing he had ever seen.  He didn’t want to even approach it, however there was something he had to do.  That was to murder the so called ‘Shadow’, who had taken over the Pet leaderboards and many of the first World messages.  As such he who was one of the highest level players, needed to show his power in this world.  After all, this was the Blood Twin swordsman and his name was Asselin.  He was the guild leader of the first and most powerful guild in [Second Saga], the Glory Guild!

[SS] Chapter 104: Staying At The Capital

Hydra and his group of companions rushed by to the capital.  Although it was more of a leisurely walk than a rush as they were already near the capital to begin with.  With the two day time limit they were able to arrive within a few hours.  But Hydra felt there was stuff to be done.  As such he had only a few of the Bread followers follow him.  Only those who would didn’t have too large of a criminal record were allowed to enter with Hydra, Valeria, Cline, Falcon and finally Irina.  This naturally included Rich and Bob as they wouldn’t be able to acquire a large criminal record even if they wished too


As for Porkto and the pigs, the 300 or so that became mounts stayed with the Bread followers while the rest of the pig army went back to their territory.  Before leaving Hydra made sure they all had enough supplies to last them a long time.  By supplies this naturally meant massive amounts of Bread  In fact all the bread they had in reserve was given to the pig army for them to grow.  Surprisingly, as the pigs ate more bread their levels grew.  It was like a natural rare candy for them.  Hydra couldn’t help but be surprised for them.  Although it became hard to reach past the 40 range, it was definitely strong enough to take over the area and be safe.


With nothing else to worry about they couple dozen of Bread followers entered the capital.  For Hydra this was already his second time here, but it was sort of rushed and he wasn’t able to see a large portion of the capital.  Now that he wasn’t rushed or didn’t have to worry about being caught, he was able to see that many interactions of the merchants.  The woman selling themselves in front of the brothels.  He even saw little kids with hats hoping for even a copper more to fill their stomachs.


Although Hydra was a scourge when it came to money, this sight reminded him of the children at the orphanage and he couldn’t help but to get a few pieces of copper for the lad.  But even this was enough to make him jump for joy as he rushed off to grab some food.  Although Hydra could give him some bread, that was probably the worst idea.  As bread was the most common food item in the game it meant that much of the wasted food was bread.  It would usually be molding or soggy, and for a boy who ate that everyday probably even a normal piece of bread wouldn’t make feel good.  He would naturally be happier than it being soggy or moldy but when Hydra could make him even more happier why wouldn’t he?


Irina watched in silence as a slight smirk appeared on her face.  As for Valeria she turned red and happiness.  As for the men they took their own allowances and passed it to the other children.  They were after all criminals because of these exact situations.  Were they in the wrong?  No of course not, but neither was the common man.  Power existed in the world for a reason and that was something Hydra knew of his own world as well.  This wouldn’t change, unless someone forcefully changed it.  But that person wasn’t Hydra.  He didn’t have the courage to make such a dramatic change in the game nor would he want too.  It would come with too many responsibilities that he didn’t want to carry.


The group continued to move along the path buying a few ingredients for food, some supplies for crafting and building tents and traps.  Naturally all the bread in the bakery shop was bought out in one go.  There was only 50,000 pieces of bread bought in a single go.  This was only 50 gold.  One could imagine how much bread Hydra could buy with his over 4000 gold he had.  But he wasn’t crazy enough to do that even if he was a bread believer.  It wasn’t like Hydra wasn’t willing to pay for the bread himself, but when he offered everyone made a fuss and said ‘You’re the Lord keep your money let your subjects buy the necessities’.


With no way to argue he only continued to look around.  Sometimes Valeria would drag Hydra over to a stall and have him treat her to a snack or try on a few clothes.  Naturally she would ask for Hydra’s opinion every time.  When he became embarrassed she was laugh coquettishly and blush.  Naturally she was very happy inside to cause him to be flustered.  Irina ignored the situation.  She was willing to be close with Hydra if there was only the two of them, but in the case of the entire group around she wasn’t willing to act girlish and act spoiled.


In the afternoon they managed to find an inn that could fit them all.  It was a small inn and just by bringing the few dozen of them they nearly took up all of the rooms, but it was cozy and had a home like feel to it.  The inn keeper herself was a mother with a small daughter that had rosy red cheeks.  She was the definition of cuteness and Hydra found himself playing with her with his free time.  After all there wasn’t much to do before entering the banquet.  He didn’t have any more materials to use for [Transmutation] and buying them was a definite no, because materials for it was simply too expensive.  When he could rely on the pig army of the Bread followers to gather materials for him at an astonishing rate there was no need to buy stuff like that.


He practiced his swordplay that was still lacking with Cline, but even with one arm Cline would demolish Hydra.  Of course this was only when it came to straight sword play.  Hydra wasn’t using his agility to dodge and attack because then it wouldn’t become sword technique but something relying on his innate abilities.  If he wanted to improve he had to continually practice like this.


Though it might seem like the bread followers might be discovered at first, it was something they prepared for incase it happened  but maybe because of the upcoming event all the guards were too busy to even look at the people inside the city.  They were rushing back and forth with carriages out of the capital even during the night.  But no one cared what they were doing as long as they weren’t found out they wouldn’t go looking for trouble either.


Like this, two days quickly passed and it was time for the banquet.  Hydra was already forced to dress up in a formal attire.  In this kingdom wearing a formal warrior suit was custom for foreigners so he was forced to buy a charcoal coloured leather armour.  Although it was leather it was made for formal wear and it carried no defensive ability whatsoever.  It was the so called costume clothing that many games had.  As for Cline he surprisingly wore his knight armor.  When Hydra say this he gave a look of confusion but Cline waved his hand and spoke.


“There’s no worry.  The moment we were all sent to Yorula, all our crimes have been pardoned.  The only problem is the criminals with larger bounties previously will get caught and framed so they could cash in more money.”


It was plausible, and because it was Hydra only nodded.  Falcon was wearing attempting to wear a long sleeve, but he couldn’t handle it anymore and ripped off the sleeves leaving him like a barbarian like appearance.  But luckily he looked like a dressed up barbian.  So hydra could only roll his eyes and didn’t bother.  Pan was given to Falcon to carry, so under no circumstance would he jump out to beat the crap out of someone for speaking a word wrong to Hydra.  


As for Irina and Valerai he had yet to see them, but right at that moment they both finally stepped out of their room with the innkeeper and daughter.  The only thing Hydra could do was mutter just loudly enough for both of the females to hear him.




Like Hydra said, they were born adorned in a beautiful appearance.  Their dressed matched their hair colours as Irina was wearing a pure white dress that was made of silk.  It was something she bought herself as she didn’t want to Hydra to see what she bought.  The curvature of the back was completely visible as Irina slightly turned her body to hide herself.  Naturally she wasn’t able too and her sunny blond hair rested on her pearl like shoulders that were completely visible for the entire room to see.  Even though she turned her body away the entire time her eyes rested upon Hydra’s reaction.  Seeing him look up and down towards her body she inwardly smiled and became a bit flushed.


As for Valeria she her black wear was tied in a beautiful bun that hand a the longer portion of her hair flow out like waterfall.  Her dress was the exact same as Irina’s the only difference was that it was black instead.  Her tender skin was complemented by the dark colour of the dress giving a seductive feeling to her.  But she didn’t hide her body and made a slight twirl grabbing Hydra’s attention as he looked towards Valeria.  His gaze caused he to turn warm.  She couldn’t help but raise her hands to her face to cool her cheeks.
Everyone was impressed by the beautiful woman in their group, but when a loud knocking noise sounded on the door to the inn everyone looked towards the new guest.  As opposed to a guest it was a knight that came to pick them up, after all they already made preparations to join the banquet and had their invitation.  The group of people walked into their carriages, with Hydra, Cline, Irina, and Valeria sitting in one.  Naturally Cline was left by himself on one side while the two girls sandwiched Hydra in the middle.  They also didn’t forget to take Pan with them.  After all they could give him back when they arrived.

[SS] Chapter 103: Set For Lathandra!

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At this moment in time Hydra wasn’t sure if Porkto was trying to help him, or get him killed.  As he was still leaning over Irina, he cautiously moved back.  He didn’t say anything as he noticed that just above Irina’s cheek bones she was turning red giving him a slight glare that only made her cuter.  With such an expression if he said anything he was only asking for an arrow in the knee.  At least he was hoping it would be in the knee as opposed to the buttocks.  Hydra didn’t know how many more arrows to the behind he could take.

As he finally got off, Irina regained her composure, while Valeria was having a look of regret that filled her face.

‘I was just surprised!  Why did I have to push him into my rival.  Of all things I should dragged him down to the floor with me!’

Regret was a regret because you couldn’t fix it. Naturally that the situation had already happened, she was frustrated.  Luckily for her, someone came just at the right moment for her to vent her frustration on.  At the same time, Irina was trying to get rid of her embarrassment as she was hoping Hydra didn’t notice her red face.  But when she made eye contact with him, when she slightly moved her face, she figured he had already noticed it.  After all although his eyesight was looking at her, it was in fact looking at that red mark on her cheeks.

‘AH!  I just want to crawl into a into a tree and hide!’

But at that moment she realized.  Someone was there for her to vent this embarrassment out on.  Seeing the two ladies stand up suddenly, Hydra felt what was going to happen next was going to be terrifying.  Then he realized where they line of sight was directed to.  It was to Porkto!

‘Poor Porkto.  May the Bread God reincarnate you as a piece of bread in the next life.’

As he silently prayed, he knew that the girls wouldn’t be so harsh as to kill Porkto, but Porkto definitely would rather die than go through that punishment.  But maybe it was because Porkto was an intelligent kingly, manly pig with the best snout on the plains, that he realized death was coming for him.  He didn’t made another noise and bolted straight out of the tent.  Startled by the sudden development, the girls had no choice but to chase after him.

All of this happened and everyone forgot about poor Pan who was flung off of Hydra laying on his back.  Luckily Pan was tuckered out and was sleeping on his back showing his adorable white fur.  Seeing this, Hydra unconscious scratched his stomach and Pan responded while in his sleep.



Soon after Hydra managed to get up, but he finally noticed that window had popped up at his waist.  Hydra had moved where the windows popped up during when he was transmuting and didn’t notice it when he awoke because of certain problems.  However not that he saw it he noticed it was a unique colour from all the rest.  It was partly red and partly yellow.  As if a flame was the set background of the message and sure enough, it was a message from Phoenix Enterprises.

-Event!  Hello players!  Congratulations to the ONE MILLION players who have upgrade from beginner’s to intermediate players.  To celebrate this, we have come up with a game.  A game that I’m sure all of you players will be very greatly interested in.  As many of you already know, the plains of Lathandra is a neutral territory splitting up the other four humanoid territories.  The beast clans to the north, the humans to the east, the elves to the west, and finally the god-kin to the south.  But did you know that within the plains exists a castle?  Do you know what’s special about this castle my dear players?  Well let me tell you.  This castle is available for players!  That’s right!  The reward for the event, is your OWN PERSONAL KINGDOM! If you wish to join, in 2 days time there will be a banquet at the imperial palace in Elysia.  I hope to see you there players!

“This…. This can be a great opportunity for me.  Although I imagine the cost of ruling a city must be unimaginable, at the same time the profits must be huge!”

Hydra couldn’t help but mutter to himself silently as he thought about it.  Because he couldn’t determine this alone he immediately rushed off to find Cline.


“If we set up a blockade like this during calvary charges we ca-


As  Cline was running through tactics with all of the squad leaders, he was interrupted loudly by Hydra.  As Hydra rushed inside the tent everyone slightly bowed other than Falcon and Cline.  This was a sign of respect to their authority that was just below Hydra.  But even if no one bowed to him Hydra wouldn’t have cared but Cline on the other hand made sure there was a clear form of hierarchy.  Especially in a religion where Hydra was basically the closest to the Bread God.  It was true after all.

Seeing Hydra quickly rush over to him Cline, quickly wondered what Hydra had wanted.  But the moment Hydra started to whisper in his his ear his immediately was startled and quickly called for everyone to disperse.  After all the squad leaders left it was only Hydra, Falcon and Cline left over.  Only then did Cline ask in serious manner towards Hydra.

“Is what you say true Hydra?”

“Why would I lie about such a thing.  The castle of Lathandra will have an owner through some sort of competition.  What do you think should we join it?”

Hydra excitedly asked.  Falcon also knew of Lathandra, and the moment he heard it was coming to become the prize of a competition he couldn’t believe her ears.  He even took a few seconds to clear the debris in his ears to follow the conversation closer.  On the other hand Cline was thinking silently to himself.  But no matter how he thought of it  he couldn’t figure out why such a thing was happening.  But regardless if it was available this was a chance they could not afford to miss out on.

“Let’s join.  This is the best chance we will get to expanding the Bread Order.  If we can take over Lathandra you will become one of the most politically powerful men on the entire continent.  As such making money will be incredibly easy.”


Hydra rushed off happily.  Cline and Falcon weren’t sure what he was going to do, but they didn’t need to be told that they had to clear up camp immediately.  As Falcon soon rushed out the door after getting a nod from Cline.  Cline could only shake his head in worry.

“Is this going to be okay?  After all we won’t be able to hide from the kingdom if we join the banquet.  Too many people will recognize us.”

Although cline knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity at the same time, it came with risks much greater than Hydra realized.  But would Cline deny Hydra this right after all Cline knew that Hydra needed a lot of money for something.  And if he need money this was the best chance he could ever get.


As Hydra happily rushed back to his tent, he immediately sat back down in the small space in the middle.  As he did he scratched Pan’s stomach again hearing a happy cry before he started to continue his [Transmutation].  He needed to make new boots, and maybe some leather pants.  After all he was probably the only Intermediate Player still not equipped with pants.  Who would have guessed!

After a long process and at times he could hear the loud cries of a pig.  But he was able to focus on his so he brushed it off hopefully thinking it was his imagination.  He managed to finish a pair of boots and a pair of pants.  Unfortunately he used all of the materials here, but fortunately he managed to increase his [Transmutation] to level 2!  There was no added effect, but it allowed him to control the metals and hides more easily.  Even this alone was already a huge advantage so Hydra didn’t mind at all.  He only quickly put on his new pants and new boots and opened the menu to look at all his new stats!

Name Hydra Level 51
Race Human Profession Aether Bladist
Fame 3250 Religion: [FoTBO] Position: ArchPriest
Damage 157(+40)~ Defense 117
Vitality 2840 Mana 655
Strength 137 Agility 150
Stamina 27 Wisdom 35
Intelligence 37 Luck 55
Faith 15
Shadow Nemesis-+10% resistance to shadow magic, can not be bound by elementary Aether magic.
[Shadow Stealer]- damage +40
[Dusk Glove]- Defense 0:[Shadow Arm] (Cost 25 mana)
[Handmade Boots]-Defense 20
[Armor Of The Shadowless Man- Defense 50 [Shadow Walk] (Cost 100/10ft Mana)
Handmade Pants- Defense 30
[Bent Shin Guards]-Defense 7
[Ring Of Eternal Darkness Skill:  [Life of Darkness]: At death the user will turn into an unknown form with unknown status, intelligence, state of mind, and length of time.

[SS] Chapter 102: A Cushion

Cline had been walking through the camp on his way to Hydra’s tent.  He was busy worrying about how he should teach Hydra from now on.  After all the previous experience resulted in them chasing him for quite some time.


“This student of mine sure likes to slack off when it comes to studying.”


Cline couldn’t help but shake his head. Though he looked disappointed in fact he was rather happy, because Hydra even without his teachings had been improving every day.  It was only the finer details that Cline needed to teach him.  With a smirk he walked into Hydra’s tent, but was momentarily surprised to see the pile of materials scattered everywhere.


There was only a single path that a person could barely walk through to the middle where Hydra slept.  Seeing that Hydra was passed out and had a pale expression showing his exhaustion Cline didn’t linger and left immediately.  He couldn’t help but think to himself as he walked out.


‘Well all in good time.’


As he just exited he saw another person at the exit.  Nearly bumping into them, only for her to dodge at the last second did Cline realize he almost ran into someone and quickly apologized.


“My apologies.”


“It’s okay.”


When Cline looked up after bowing slightly he realized the person was Irina, and in her bosom was Pan with his feet dangling in the air and his tail swaying back and forth.  Clearly Pan was enjoying his current attention.  Irina on the other hand didn’t let it bother her and was straight face and only passed by Cline entering into Hydra’s tent.  Seeing this Cline couldn’t help but smile a bit and walked away.


When Irina entered, she was immediately confused as to why the tent was a complete disaster.  Though she didn’t care much and walking down the pathway seeing Hydra sleeping she unconsciously started to quicken her pace.  Unknowingly Irina when it happened, but Irina was already right beside Hydra, as she bent over and softly let Pan down.  


Naturally Pan was staring at Hydra’s lap the entire time thinking to himself.


‘How dare master sleep without me.’


But as Hydra himself didn’t mean to fall asleep it couldn’t be blamed on him.  Nonetheless Pan cutely walked over and with some difficulty climbed onto Hydra’s stomach and twirled around a few times before lying down immediately falling asleep.  Irina watching the sight with interest smiled softly.  It was a smile that could calm the hearts of fierce warriors and boys to immediately blush in embarrassment.  Like Pan her eyes focused on a single point, although it looked like it was on Hydra it was in fact the spot right beside Hydra.  Because she wasn’t Pan who didn’t care about what others thought she slightly hesitated before remembering Valerias expression as she left the tent the previous day.  Clenching her tiny little first, causing imprints of her slender fingers to be imprinted on her palm, she finally relaxed and awkwardly approached Hydra’s side.  The feeling of approaching him caused her to be nervous, even while knowing he was asleep she felt he knew everything she was currently doing at this moment.  


But her determination to gain Hydra’s favour overcame her nervousness and she slightly plopped down beside Hydra.  Tilting her head gently onto his shoulder.  Not realizing how comfortable the feeling was going to be, like Pan, she was sucked into a deep sleep.






Valeria was standing at the entrance of Hydra’s tent.  Naturally, she was inside and what she saw made her completely jealous and made her want to leave immediately.  Her fists pointed outwards as she couldn’t help but pout with her lips.  Although she had thought her move was hidden from Irina’s view, it was apparently immediately found out.  Valeria with her seductive facade immediately broke and she became a young woman who only wanted to be near the one she cared for.  Naturally now that Irina was already sleeping beside Hydra it was a little bit awkward, but her gaze failed to give justice to her thoughts.  As her gaze rested on the other open spot beside Hydra.


Unlike Irina, Valeria walked over not filled with confidence but a will that refused to let her lose to Irina.  She elegantly sat down and with both of her arms she wrapped them around Hydra’s and cautiously rested her head against his chest careful not to wake him up.  But similarly to Pan and Irina, Valeria also failed she realize how comfortable it was and immediately closed her eyes drifting off to the dreamworld.




The Bread followers were still celebrating the promotion of their religion, they didn’t care about any other matters currently going on as they drank till they choked.  Only to shove bread down their throats to choke some more.  This didn’t bother them even a bit as they were all too happy about their new brothers.  A group filled of previous bandits, criminals, and piglets they couldn’t help but feel a connection to one another.  After all the bread followers and the piglets were all seen as trash by the rest of the world. There was only one person who looked at them with pride.  That was their leader Hydra.  He gave them a reason for living, and for them that reason was following every wish of their leader till they day they passed, or the day he left them forever.  It wouldn’t matter they were content just being there for him.  To them, it was the happiest moments of their lives.


Soon after a giant red pig was drunk.  He was so incredibly drunk he wanted to grab his brother Shadow and have some fun with the lady pigs all night.  Thinking he was being such a chap of a friend calling out his brother he happily trotted along to his tent.  His snout twitching like dancing to a song, he entered the tent without a moment’s hesitation.  However the moment he saw the two woman and Hydra, plus Pan but that didn’t surprise him, he screamed!


“AHH! AHH!  AHH!  Brother!  How could you!  Didn’t you know mingling with humanoids could cause problems in birth?”




Hydra woke up slowly and with a huge amount of reluctance as he could only hear the screams of Porkto.  He wasn’t sure what was going on but as he was about to get up, he realized he was unable to.  When Hydra looked over to his shoulder he saw Irina’s beautiful white face with her cherry lips just a tiny biny from his own.  He had wanted to retreat to the other direction as he couldn’t help but remember her previous actions he turned red in embarrassment.  But to his surprise again, when he tried to move the other direction he realize that Valeria was lying just below his shoulder on his chest.  Although he couldn’t see her face and luckily didn’t result in near close contact, it was Valeria who woke up next.


The moment she woke up she was already in a bad mood as she was having a good sleep.  She couldn’t remember where exactly she was but as Valeria lifted her head and looked up, in front of her was Hydra’s face.  Naturally the situation turned into Hyra once again being infinitely close to her lips.  But Hydra was so shocked at the sudden turn of development that he didn’t move.  Instead Valeria consciously remembered her kiss and brought her hands to push Hydra off of her who was actually on him.  However she couldn’t mind such details at the moment.


Unfortunately, she forgot that  Irina was on the other side and when Valeria pushed Hydra off the only direction for him to go was back into Irina, who he previously tried to retreat from.  Whether it was luck or a curse stat involved Hydra wasn’t sure, but he tried to stabilize his balance, but as the force was too much he ended falling along with Irina!


‘Oh crap!’


Hydra immediately forgot about anything else and grabbed onto Irina.  She was falling and because she was asleep she end up falling on her head.  Although there was other materials around, Hydra didn’t want to risk Irina getting hurt and immediately grabbed put his hand around the back of her head shielding it from the impact.






Hydra heard the adorable sound of Irina slightly fidgeting while waking up.  In fact it was already a surprise that she hadn’t woken up till now, but who could have guessed that Hydra’s body would be the perfect pillow?  Irina couldn’t help but fall into a deep sleep and only wake up now.  But what she woke up too surprised her so much that her eyes went wide and she blinked numerous times as if trying to figure out how the turn of events happened.  She nervously thought a million things at once.


“Oh no, oh no oh no!  I know I said he would have to come get the my first, but I never expected him to move the next day!  What do I do?  I’m not prepared for this!  Mother, what should I do in such a situation?”


As if her prayer was heard she could feel that her mother was slightly telling her something.  But her entire face blushed red when she heard the thoughts ‘let it happen’ with a ‘ohohoh’ laugh.  Feeling weak Irina lost all her strength as she barely attempted to push Hydra off from her.  Her knees buckled, and she stared into Hydra’s eyes.  But she could only react by closing them letting whatever would happen, happen.


The situation escalated, with no way of knowing what was going on the three of them froze.  It was at this moment that Porkto spoke up again.
“My ladies, please unhand my brother, he is a pig, you can’t seduce him with your thin humanoid appearances!  He needs a female pig to be the cushion for his pushing!”

[SS] Volume 6 Chapter 101: The First Belt

The start of a new arc hope you look forward to this~!
Until next time Ciao Cubs~

Elysia Imperial Capital Palace

“My sweet little girl, why have you run away from home?”

Spoke an old man.  His skin was wrinkled and his eyebrows were drooping showing the appearance of a tired man.  His wavy white hair was pure as if cleaned carefully every day but it still could not hide the signs of age.  The old man was hunched over on the bed and kneading his temples softly but in a dignified manner.  Every movement was slow and seemed to show the endless amount of time he had available.  Because of this alone, his age didn’t match his movements.  The old man’s eyes were especially lively, as if they could see through the entire world with a single glance.

To be this man, how could he not be able to see through things?  After all this man was the king, King Roman.  He was a man who loved his family, a friendly king who looked after his kingdom.  He wasn’t greedy but he loved to spoil his only daughter.  Unfortunately due to the greed and lustful eyes of his court officials and numerous other nobles she ran away.  Even he, the king, could not protect his daughter wholeheartedly from their fangs.  Because of this he ended up isolating her from the world.  Growing up alone without anyone to talk to.

A life she didn’t want, and because of this she ran away.  Roman wasn’t sure it she took after her mother’s lively side or his smarts, but she definitely wasn’t happy and thus ran away.  Even with sending out all the royal guards, he was unable to find her.  Without a word from her, his stress became evident, his worries caused problems for his ruling.  Knowing fully well that the king did have a proper successor because he refused to take a concubine and his wife was unable to have another child after his daughter was born.  Thus as he started to become weaker and weaker, his subjects became more and more vicious.  Externally everything within the country was fine, but internally war had already occurred.

It was already too late for Roman to quell the strife within his court.  But he didn’t care no longer.  He was already 70 years old, and he most precious daughter was nowhere to be found.  She could have been murdered, raped or taken as a slave.  These worries gave him nightmares and even with his wife’s soothing, he was unable to stop his hair from growing whiter.  A great king, was on the verge of losing his kingdom but even still to him, nothing was more important than his family.  Although it can be said he believed the entire kingdom was part of his family, nothing could replace blood.

Roman, thinking once again of the problems in his court and his lost daughter shook his head, as a few tears welled up in his eyes and couldn’t help but mutter softly, fully of worry.

“My daughter, please be safe.”


At this point in time, a man and woman pair were walking together through a hallway together.  Luckily it was already nighttime and the old man, Michael, had already closed shop for the night and rushed over to his second job.  Although he wasn’t required to stay here for a long time because he only need to check up once in awhile.  Today, however, was an important day and required his full attention.  As Michael and Trisha were walking the hallway together, Michael couldn’t help but sigh and try and scold her lightly.

“Trisha, you know it was wrong to give Landon the way out like that.”


When Michael tried to put on a tough front it was immediately broken down when Trisha gave him a stern glare.  She was calm, and didn’t regret her actions at all.  Although they both knew there was more to the information than they told, it was still something Landon would find out about one day.  Thus Michael only want to minimize the amount of information they he knew.  Why was that, because Michael made a promise.  Who was the promise too?  Naturally it was a promise to Landon’s parents.  After all Michael and Trisha were both part of the team project that Landon’s parents worked on together, and only they and a few others knew the truth.  A deep truth that even telling Landon could result in terrible consequences.

It was at this time that Trisha lightly squeezed Michael’s hand and gave a ‘Everything will be okay’ look as they entered into a giant room full of computers and employees rushing back and forth.  Seeing them enter a person who was overseeing the operation walked over and quickly bowed in respect and spoke.


“Is everything ready?”

Michael spoke with a calm voice, as if nothing could bother or phase him even slightly. It was like he became an entirely different person, he became manly and firm.  He looked like a proper leader and could calmly analyze any problem and solve it through a step-by-step format.  It was this part of Michael that Trisha fell in love with.  Although she originally didn’t have feelings for him, she noticed he had an adorably weak side for his loved ones and only showed it to them.  It was something that Trisha cherished as only her and her daughter had the rights to see him like this.  Although Hydra was family to them as well, Michael still didn’t spoil him and trained him properly.

Making a quick glance over everything once more, Michael spoke with a voice that was just loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Let’s start the first event for [Second Saga].  Make sure no one screws this up or you’ll lose pay for a month!”

“Yes sir!”


During this time, in a tent, Hydra was sitting in the middle, in fact this small open spot was the only available spot left as the entire tent was filled with items gathered by the pigs and bread followers.

When all the bread followers had finally made friends with the pigs became mounts for the bread followers giving Hydra an army of Bread followers riding pigs.  Definitely one of the most intimidating things Hydra had ever heard of, naturally he wasn’t going to voice this out.  After regrouping Porkto gave Hydra all the items they had acquired of the time  they were expanding.

Killin multiple animals, hides were as numerous as the grass outside, and other fruits and plants were also gathered.  The money was left for Valeria to manage as she smart enough to handle nearly all the internal matters herself.  With all these new items Hydra was thrilled and immediately shut himself inside his tent and took out the [Trainee’s Transmutation Notebook].  There were numerous designs showing exactly the curvature of of the shin guards and exactly how much the angles would deflect blows the easiest.  It showed numerous techniques for making it easier to handle and properly utilize.  Not to mention it had formulas for easy to make potions and other consumables.  Although at this moment Hydra wasn’t able to make potions and needed to be level three before he could.

That didn’t bother Hydra and only gave him more reason to try hard and level it up.  Thus he decided until he did level it up till three he could continuously use the materials and create random stuff.  Luckily Hydra needed some missing gear so it wasn’t a waste, but even if he didn’t use it he could give it away to the others.  However still Hydra was a little sad to do so as these items could give him money.  But at the same time a stronger army meant making money in the future easier.  Simple pocket change just wouldn’t help him as much.   Clapping his hands together Hydra called out.

“Let’s start.”

As Hydra’s palms were forcefully removed from one another a force of attraction was felt in between as a piece of hide, that Hydra was staring at, immediately rushed to that location.  The Hide hovered in the air and soon Hydra stiff fingers started to relax and calmly move in a rhythmic like motion.  With each finger concentrating on a different area the hide started to change shape.  With each fold the hide started to become thicker.  When it became as thick as a pinky finger Hydra stopped folding it.  At this he finally managed to exhale a breath of warm and lifeless air.

“Hah.  This requires me to concentrate so much.  Even the slightest mistake causes for the entire material to be destroyed.  Luckily when I was using [Mercury] it could reform its shape and wouldn’t lost upon failure.  But now that the quality of material is a lot lower it is destroyed so easily.”

Hydra couldn’t help but sigh to himself.  He had already destroyed numerous pieces of materials and with each destruction, he lost all the experience he had gained in the [Transmutation] skill.  Only upon successful creations of working with materials of the highest quality with experience gained be kept.  Luckily Hydra was getting used to it, and with a few more seconds of breathing time he continued.

As the hide was stretched out into a single strap, it had the looks of a ugly belt unfinished and in fact that was exactly what Hydra was attempting to make.  Although belts were did not give defensive stats, they did give the opportunity to make it easier for items to be accessed.  Thus Hydra felt it would be easiest to start off with a simple belt.  To his surprise it took many failures to even get to this point.

Luckily because it was still a game Hydra didn’t have to go through the process of softening the hide or tanning it.  The moment he started to transmute it everything was being neatly done for him.  It only required his full concentration without a single mistake.  With the perspiration continuously falling and the cracking of his knuckles, that started to turn red, he was finally able to turn the material into a proper belt.


Leather Belt (common)
A leather belt made awkwardly.  Almost as if it was the first belt the maker had ever created.  It can’t be said to be get but the leather used was average material and can’ be said to be ugly.
Effects: Can have 5 items stored on the belt for easy access.


Hydra yelled and stretched his hands out in victory and then threw his body into the pile of hides to fall asleep.  He had been working non stop for hours already and all the work had made him too tired to think.  At that moment, another message appeared and he would only find out after he woke up.

[SS] Chapter 100!!!!: Intermediate Player

With the end of voluem 5 comes the beginning of the triple digits chapter 1 0 0.  A huge deal, I have written over 200k in 4 months.  I would like to thank all of you have continued to follow my series even though volume 5 was not as good as people thought.  Although I don’t regret writing it whatsoever I do feel It could be better.  However It was funny and it was naturally needed for future development of the story.

Anyways to commemorate chapter 100 here are a few things I have picked up from people~![Image: ss_2014-06-12_at_10.00.58bread.jpg]
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Next volume comes with a shit load of action.  The introduction to the [Glory Guild] AKA GG (Ha HA Ha get it?) And finally the arrival of Sarah into the story.  Also the bakcground of a unknown character who had been laying it low but is now finally coming out.  (Can you guess?  Feel free to comment!)

Once agian my readers, my fans, my fellow Bread followers and worshipper of Pan.  Thank you for following this adventure.  I hope to continue to improve and meet your expectations.

Until next time  Ciao Cubs~

As Hydra pushed the accept option, he had no idea what was occurring in the world around him.  But how could he?  After all, to this point Hydra hadn’t been involved much with the players of this game world.  Not to mention he didn’t even have really the opportunity to choose for himself what to do.

However none of that was a bad thing, it just meant he had no ins to finding out what was happening.  And naturally the [Shadow Lurkers] wouldn’t be messaging him to tell him either, after all Lockon had already given him his graduation from a noob to a educated noob.  Of course they would assume he’d look at the [World Message] himself.  But would he really?

Naturally the answer can be nothing other than no.  He is Hydra after all.  Someone who goes with the flow, because he can’t say no.  In this case, the flow happened to be the full upgrade of his entire army.  As such he didn’t feel he had time to be looking at the message above him and just continued to rush over to find out about all the benefits everyone received.  Although he read the windows for everyone there might be other small things that were glossed over.

But instead what happened the moment he took a step forward was another window popped up in front of him.  He rolled his eyes and couldn’t help but think the game really wanted him to spend the entire day reading windows as he thought to himself.  But when he looked at the new window he knew that was not the case at all.


Player Hydra has finally reached level 50 and now the beginner handicapped has been turned off!  As such we, Phoenix Enterprises, would like to congratulate you on your promotion from a beginner to a intermediate player!  With this new additions will be added and we hope you enjoy the difficulty rise in the game.  Thank you for playing!


[Intermediate Player effects]
-Players over 50 will now lose 3 permanent stats on death.  If a player is killed by another player, that player will receive the stats instead.  This does not include duels, or fights in the city (Pseudo Duels).
– All [common] monsters will do 50% more damage, [Elites] +100%, [Boss] +150%, [Elite Boss] +200%, [Hidden Elites] +250%, [Hidden Elite Bosses] +300%, [Legendary] will instant kill unless the level is within 10 of the monster.
-All monsters +100% to crowd control.  (Skills are half as effective and skills with less than 10% will have no effect).
-Durability will fall with every attack, and possibility of instant destruction enabled.
-Dropping of gear after death enabled.
-Towns and Cities are not conquerable.  Players who manage to overtake the towns/cities will become the Lord upon successful defence for one week.  However if too many innocents are killed in the process players will become [Murderers] and a bounty will be set.  All caught/killed [Murderers] will permanently lose all levels and their profession.
-Creation of Guilds is now possible. (Only the Guild leader needs to be level 50, all other players may be lower).
-Cost of items +1000%.
-Promotion Classes enabled.
-Players needed until [Plains of Lathandra] Event Opens 999,999/1,000,000.


An [Intermediate Player] bonus item/skill option is now available.  Choose one.
-Learn all Languages
-Acquire the first rank of nobility (cost 5000 gold)
-Acquire [Trainee’s Transmutation Notebook] (1000 gold)
-Learn [Aether Bladist] skill
-Acquire Pet skill
-Acquire a mount

“Hmm, this game is changing quite a bit.  It seems everything is going to get a lot more difficult from now on.  Specially Legendary monsters luckily I managed to defeat one before I was level 50.  Otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to kill it even with my luck stat.”

As Hydra though through the long listed window in front of him and the window of the options available to him behind it.  He couldn’t help but crease his forehead.  As the difficulty rose it made it harder to acquire money and trading for real money only became harder.  Although Hydra had only been able to make one exchange that one exchange was quite a large benefit already.  If he continued to exchange at rates like that he would be able to easily acquire the money required for the first year of schooling for everyone.

However he soon realized how naive that thought process was as the game would evolve with the player and not make it a boring grind fest the longer the game got.  He could only think that less players would end up playing the game as they got to higher levels, but at the same time he could only realize that what this made players do is group together.

After all an RPG was something you played with others.  An MMO is an MMO because it involves so many players, although solo play was possible only skilled people could do it.  If he played by himself he would reap all the benefits but the possible of failure also increased as well.

There was something else that was bothering him as well.  Although he wanted to choose something he wasn’t in a rush to get the item.  Hydra was carefully looking over each new add on into the game. When Lockon taught him that even the slightest bit of new information can become the difference between success and failure of gaming he quickly became someone who read the rules and new information every chance he got.  There wasn’t anything he felt he overlooked but the [Plains Of Lathandra] he couldn’t get off his mind.  He had walked through the plains to get to the capital in fact he was already really close to the plains.  But what was going to happen the moment only one more player became and [Intermediate Player]?

This bothered him specially that he realized already 1 million people were of equal or higher level than him.  Although he jumped from level 39 to level 51, the amount who were still at level 50 were probably quite small.

After pondering it for a few more seconds he finally released the tension on his forehead and relaxed his tense muscles.  Worrying about it any longer wouldn’t be helpful and he couldn’t help but sigh.  He then looked over to the available options and immediately chose one.

It wasn’t a difficult choice, which was why he didn’t pick one right away and looked over the add-ons.  The choice he made was naturally the [Trainee’s Transmutation Notebook].  He already figured it had elementary blueprints on equipment that he could build.  Although he didn’t know is if all these options were exclusive to him, or if only some of them were, he didn’t bother learning or getting anything else.

When thinking about it, the skill that had the highest potentials were without a doubt [Dual], and [Transmutation].  As Hydra already attempted using a sword and rune magic at the same time he realized it was an incredible boost in power.  Although it require intense concentration and focus to utilize once master he would be a force that could fight hundreds of enemies at once.

As for [Transmutation] that in itself was obvious.  As a hidden crafting skill he could create nearly infinite amount of item with only having a required level in order to utilize.  Equipment?  Potions?  All were possible to be made and only required time.  Although Hydra lacked time it wasn’t to the point where by using his time in [Transmutation] it would be called a waste.  In fact by using [Transmutation] it might even be possible to make all the money he needed through that alone.

But the situation now was different. Had he learn it without having companions maybe that was the choice he would make.  But now?  He had friends.  What were friends to Hydra?  They were everything!  His family and friends were the most perish to him and he would do everything in his ability to help.  Also it wasn’t as if Hydra didn’t enjoy the game as such only sitting down making endless amount of items could be considered quite the dull life.  So why not take the good from both worlds?  Many people would call him greedy, but it was possible because Hydra was confident in being able to achieve both.  Where did this confidence come from?  It was simple, he just had the feeling he could do it.  So he would trust that instinct and continue forward never looking back.

After receiving the notebook Hydra didn’t take the time to look at it as he still had to speak with his Bread followers.  As he was already beside Portko and Falcon, he quickly found that they acquired nothing more than what was already mentioned.  They gave slight nods and copied one another but twitching parts of their bodies.  One flexing his buff arms, the other twitching his snout.  This only made Hydra somehow feel the two were made for one another and was nearly tempted to allow Porkto become the mount of Falcon.  However as Porkto himself was a king it would be wrong of him to do that.  After all Porkto’s status was only second to his own and equal to Cline’s.

Naturally Pan and Irina were off in their own bubble of power.  One because he was the symbol of their religion and now matched with the [Copper Bread] item.  The other because making her angry came with terrifying repercussions.  And truthfully Irina was already a Queen and didn’t even believe in the Bread god.  Now that Hydra truly thought about it.  He realized that she gained a skill without even being a follower.  Was it because she was a party member?

Hydra couldn’t make any sense of it and rushed over to ask her.  His group of companions had already made their way to the middle of the field.  Although windows didn’t appear in front of them and instead was directly sent to their minds, they naturally knew about the pig army joining them.

Without having to worry they started to make their way over.  The moment Hydra made eye contact with Valeria and Irina, who also joined, a tinge of red was seen covering their faces.  Valeria dipped her head and refused to make eye contact.  On the other hand Irina made eye contact but her eyes sucked in Hydra’s gaze entirely.  It was so strong that he was lost in it and only recovered when Cline started to roar.

“Why the hell did I get amantle that turns me into a piece of bread?!”

Finally looking over he forgot about the pitiful fact that Cline really got the low end of the stick from this promotion.  Hydra figured everyone had already explained their abilities towards one another leaving him to be slightly lonely.  But when Hydra thought for a good minute leaving the knight completely out of his usual charisma form, to vent.  Then he suddenly remembered and spoke.

“Isn’t it because you have a piece of the [Dragon God’s] blood?  After all you technically are a follower of her now.  Not to mention [Azure Dragon Arm] in itself is already the most beneficial thing you could ever receive.”

After hearing this Cline calmed down and soon nodded afterwards.  He also remembered that out of everyone here he had the best equipment, his super longsword and the gauntlet shield.  With these alone he was already incredibly well off from the others except maybe Irina.  At this point Cline also looked at Irina strangely but was unable to make a comment.  Even if he could fight Irina, there was no way he would risk that chance.  But Hydra on the other hand did after learning that no one else gained any other abilities.

“Irina, why did you gain a skill as well?”

“Hm?  Oh, well I guess it can’t be called as such because truthfully, with Lady Aspa’s inheritance I can already grow any form of plant.”


Everyone screamed at the same time.  They were simply too shocked, although Hydra wasn’t sure as to why, he patiently waited for the situation to unfold naturally.  The first to question this was by his surprise Porkto.

“Lady Irina, you said you can grow any plant form?  Does this mean you know [Nature] Magic?”

His snout twitch with every syllable he spoke.  Although he was speaking pig which naturally were only oinks and snorts, they were translated immediately and even gave the impression his mouth was mimicking the sounds as well.  As Hydra was momentarily distracted by the neat effect he soon realized he also wanted to learn more about this [Nature] magic that was apparently surprising.

“As the direct descendant and the Queen of the Elves it is only natural that I am able to.”

Everyone started to shiver and sweat.  As Hydra was still confused he couldn’t help but ask curiously why it mattered.

“Why is [Nature] magic so surprising?”

As Cline regained his composure first he answered.

“Hydra, as a foreigner you might only know the basic magics that exist in Tsula.  But truthfully that isn’t all there is.  There are also [Ancient Magics] as well. [Nature] and [Time] as examples.  Just talking about nature alone, it directly affects life with no negative effects to the plants whatsoever.  She could feed the entire world herself.  If that isn’t a god-like ability then what else would be?”

As Hydra pondered over the words of Cline, he couldn’t help but think it was reasonable.  Although he didn’t truly understand how powerful it was without Irina explaining it herself, he knew they would never have to worry about food again.  Without dragging out how surprised everyone was Hydra changed the topic and spoke towards Porkto.

“Porkto, would you be able to choose the strongest few hundred for our companions to become mounts of us?”

Portko looked on with awe towards his most admired person and hastily nodded while his snout twitched uncontrollably.

“Naturally, I will have it done immediately.”

Everyone else recovered and soon looked on with a complicated expression.  Although having a mount was a good and all.  They were [Piglets] after all.  The weakest monsters, anyone else would laugh at them.  However their dilemma was short lived the moment they thought of their new Bread loving companions.  As Hydra shouted towards everyone and grabbed a piece of bread from the few Falcon was still carrying.

“Share the Bread!  Become friends and join together as one!  We shall spread our Bread throughout the lands and strive to change the way people used to think of us.  We are the [Fellowship of The Bread Order]!”

“YEAHHHHH!” “Snoooort!”

“All Hail The Bread God!”

“All Hail Hydra!”

It could be said that everyone of Hydra’s followers were treated as scum or weak ants only to be used as food or experience, but now?  With Hydra leading, he would never let them be seen as weak or pitiful ever again.  He would raise the strength of his companions to the peak.  After all only at the peak can he achieve his goals!

End of Volume 5 Rise of the Pigperor

Next Volume  War In Lathandra!

[SS] Chapter 99: The World Begins To Move

Here it is.  The moment we start to bring everything together.  The moment the “reality” of the game “meets” the actual game.  The players begin to move the world starts to revolve around Hydra.  Will he continue to be able to succeed?  Will his luck bring to higher places?  Or will the curse stat bring him to the bottom.  Here we go, enjoy this chapter.  The last chapter of the double digits.

Until next time Ciao Cubs!~


Porkto threw his head into the ground, not even giving his snout the chance to twitch.  He was so happily he started bawling his eyes out as he wailed to the ground.  Naturally the ground only responded by covering his, attempting to twitch, snout with dirt.  He might not be the best leader, but he was always trying his best.  Everyday he would attempt to expand their territory and help the weakest monster piglets rise against enemies on numerous occasions.  Without the help of technology he could only rely on one piece of bread to keep their faith going.  But now?

Now in front of them, their most respected priest, was the creator of the Bread Order, not only that, Porkto was personally invited by Hydra to become part of the Bread Order.  Was this not the meaning of pure happiness?  What else could possibly move Porkto as much becoming part of the religion he cherished most?  One piece of bread would turn into dozens!  Maybe hundreds?!  Maybe… just maybe for even Porkto who couldn’t count past 3 digits it would reach that level that one couldn’t even describe, Breadtopia! Such a scene can only be seen in person but never retold.

As Hydra continued to watch Porkto’s tears rush down and cause a flood of the ground around him he felt a warm sensation.  Porkto was truly a kind person and he tried with all his ability, and honestly Hydra admired him.  Luckily Hydra didn’t voice that otherwise the poor Porkto who was currently already blissfully happy, would die from shock.  The other pigs were all nearly under the same condition silently crying to themselves as they were all too happy.  The pigs were followers of the Bread God it was just that they didn’t have enough bread they were never able to truly enjoy the stiff, stale wonderful taste of bread. Only through Hydra bread of friendship were they able to get their first glimpse of bread.  Now they truly were in awe of it. It was after all the cheapest food item in [Second Saga] but to Bread followers?  To the pigs?  It was simply priceless.

Finally, after Porkto calmed down a bit, Hydra spoke softly and clearly again for him.

“Will you join Porkto?”

“Oh!  OOOOH!  Brother I, as the [Crimson Piglet] King, swear that we of clan of [piglets] will join and follow you till the end of lives!”

At that moment, a bright light surrounded everyone, the pigs, the bread followers, Hydra, Irina, Cline, Valeria, Falcon who was still carrying all that bread, not a single person within Hydra corps, was not basked in this bright light.  It was a light that warmed their very souls. This light wrapped around and even felt slightly mischievous enough to tickle them.  Everyone even Hydra was stumped and had no idea what was happening. But luckily they didn’t need to wait very long as they soon found their answer.

Within Hydra’s mind he heard a sound like all others.  While it was similar Hydra knew that something was different about this ding noise.  It sounded the same but it was heavier, as if it was hundreds of the same sound all combined into one.  Not a smidge louder just a certain feeling of depth.  And at that moment was when the Bread Order took its first step into the real world!


Congratulations!  You have converted over 10,000 followers!

Title has been upgraded from Priest- ArchPriest
Effects: All Bread followers will follow your orders until their dying breath.  Although it might seem like they are mindless followers, they truly believe in every bit of your ability.  Their belief in you is what allows you become stronger. +10 levels!


A new title has been acquired!
Effects: All [piglets] will bow down and twitch their snouts in awe before you.  You have the power to command and army of millions of [piglets] if you so wish.  A stampede that will shake the world.  An army that will tremble the hearts of even gods.  Oh did we mention that’s a lot of bacon?!
+20 defense, +20 damage +5 stamina


[Fellowship Of The Bread Order] has been upgrade from a tier 1 religion to a tier 2 religion!
Effects: All land becomes fertile in the presence of bread followers, especially bread related plants. +100% to growth rate of all plants, +500% to all bread related growth.
All members of the [Fellowship of the Bread Order] can speak to one another regardless of language barriers.
All Bread members plus 2 levels


You pet has acquired the item Copper Bread!
[Copper Bread] (Artifact)
As the emissary of the [Fellowship of the Bread Order] one can not have a symbol to match their importance.  The Copper bread is made of an unknown material that gives courage to those that see it. +100% morale when used
+10 levels to Pan
Pan has learnt the skill Bread Taunt!


Your second in command Cline has received the [Mantle of Bread]!
[Mantle of Bread]
Truly an item of worship for those who pray to the Bread God.  It is unknown how the mantle came but one can turn into a piece of bread if they so chose.  No other abilities.


Irina has learnt the ability [Bread Creation]!
[Bread Creation]
Ability to bloom bread anywhere anytime, it’s a plant and it makes bread.  A must have for any bread follower.


Valeria has learnt [Bread Seduction]!
[Bread Seduction]
Using any type of Bread and any man will be on their knees, even woman eyes will turn into hearts!


Falcon has learnt [Bread Bulge]!
[Bread Bulge]
[For every piece of Bread eaten plus 2 damage for 10 minutes!


Porkto has learnt [Bread Charge!]
[Bread Charge]
After eating bread Porkto will grow 4 times in size for 5 minutes and is immune to all forms of crowd control.


Due to the upgrade in the your religion and position you have learnt the hint to the secret bread skill. [Use 9,999 piece of bread at once to invoke ***** *****]


Your religion has been upgrade from tier 1-2 would you like to announce this through the World Message?

“….Did this really just happen?”

Hydra stood there dumbfounded.  The light had already long disappeared but all the continuous messages kept him preoccupied and he looked and read every single one.  The bread followers and piglets themselves had come to an understanding that they knew what changed.  However only Hydra truly knew the massive power up they acquired.  He had no idea if the Bread God even existed but seeing this he felt somewhat compelled to believe in him.  After all these upgrades while they might sound silly, of course except for Cline’s random mantle, were all exceptionally good when used properly.

The only thing left was for Hydra to announce it the world.  Was he scared of being sought out because of it?  Not once had that ever crossed his mind after all, it was a religion for bread.  Who would take him seriously?  Not until they actually fought with him would they truly know how fearsome his power truly was.  As such Hydra without a care in the world pushed accept.  Little did he know that it wasn’t going to be the same as it was last time.



“What was that?”

On a rainy day in the capital city of Elysia, a huge tremor was heard, it caused everyone to look back and forth towards one another, as they had no idea what was happening.  They only felt like something huge was about to happen.  As for all the players they too looked on with confusion but they didn’t much care, they were rich they were happy what did they care about some tremor if there was a war they would simply move on. The lives of the Naturals meant nothing to them.  However the next moment another boom was heard and this moment not a single soul didn’t look into the sky at the source of the sound.


The clouds started to descend wrapping something as it twisted and looked like a god was descending.  People started to cry out in fear as they felt the end of the world was coming.  But a moment later as the clouds finally started to dissipate, a green window unfolded.  Unlike usual green messages the words were in gold print.  This was the words it said.

Player under the alias of Shadow has upgrade from a tier 1 religion to a tier 2 and now has the equal to all other religions.  As such the Bread God will officially descend in 1 month’s time.


“A god?!  A god is descending in [Second Saga]?!  Quick get the new station on this!  This is going to be huge!”

“Someone find out who this Shadow is!  We must get him to sign with us!  Oh the first person to meet a god!  How exciting this will be!”

“Oh my god!  I heard that Gods were in the 900+ level range!  What kind of existences are they?”

“You fool!  They would kill you with their pinkies!”

“But don’t you think it would be worth it?!”

All the players and NPCs alike were talking spreading the word.  Although Hydra’s name was heard of before it was nothing like it was today.  It was a completely different thing.  After all the Bread God would be descending!  How could they miss such a situation?!  They would crowd around him and wait until the he descended!



“What is it?”

A messenger ran over to a young man in his mid twenties.  He was a typical pretty boy but his overall attitude held pure cold feelings towards any who dared to look at him.  One could say he was incredibly built or exceptionally well toned. He wasn’t wearing any armor and the only equipment he carried were two blood red swords.  When the messenger heard the monotone response he momentarily froze up.  Although this man’s voice never had a shred of emotion behind it it only gave the feeling of a more terrifying force behind it.  After all this messenger knew that this player, was the highest leveled player in the game.  The Blood Twin swordsman with a level 164.

“A player named Shadow has created a religion that will upon a God.  It will descend in 1 month.”

The messenger didn’t dare tell him that the message contained the fact that it was a ridiculous Bread God as he didn’t wish to be killed on the spot.   And he wasn’t worried about telling him insignificant information as once a player reached level 50 a lot of the options could be turned off for the more serious players.  This cold man was such a player.  Hearing the information, the man’s eyebrows twitched a bit but then returned to their usual expressionless state.  He only spoke a small sentence but the meaning behind it was great.

“Gather the men.”

“Yes your Lordship!


“Another message?”

A young white cat woman was sitting on top of a tigerman being fanned by another while being massaged by two more.  But she couldn’t help but hiss unconsciously seeing the message as if it didn’t concern her at all.  Haras, after being treated like a queen in the game was starting to adapt to such a lifestyle.  Little did she know that her inner bottled up sadistic side was crawling out to become more apparent.  She didn’t enjoy it but she wasn’t as apprehensive about as before.  Now she only looked to the message and felt like this “Shadow” player needed be dealt with before he became a force that would threaten her future kingdom.  Haras spoke softly and silently but full of power.

“Gather the beasts.”

“Yes your Empress!”


Another place far away in a valley in the northern part of Tsula

“Ha!  Finally finally we changed our classes!”

Goliath threw down a giant shield and a small lance to the floor.  He was thoroughly exhausted.  After trying their best to overcome the trials they finally succeeded, while the [Shadow Lurkers] had the opportunity to share with the world they kept silent.  Something that even surprised themselves after all they were usually the type to make their name known far and wide.  However after seeing Hydra everything changed.  They wanted to become strong themselves and build up their guild that way. Now Goliath had changed into a [Shield Lancer] with light armor.  As long as he blocked he would live.  However a single hit could be the end of him.  A class solely for those looking for a challenge.  Thus he thought this was a perfect class it would challenge him every second and continue to improve his skills.

The moment he spoke out, Lockon with a old mantle covering his body full of differing rune symbols he spoke out as well.

“That was worth it though! I even managed to change into the [Disaster Mage]!”

A mage with the ability to conjure hundreds of different runes that would allow him to show the true might of magic upon the world.  Any army?  IT would be wiped out with a single spell, however the problem was that a single spell took incredibly long to cast as he had to accurately write each rune or the spell would fail.  However the power behind it was by no means weak.  It was a [God Class] profession after all in fact all of their class changes were  [God Class] and used by the gods themselves.  This was even a class tier above Hydra’s!  This was the first time they felt proud of themselves but because they knew of  Hydra’s ability they didn’t dare get arrogant as the shy Rina tiptoed her way to the front and spoke.

“Um… truly these classes are amazing.  The [Life Essence Priest] is simply too amazing.  I can’t even tell how good it is…”

As she looked shamefully towards the others because she couldn’t gauge her own power, they couldn’t help but laugh as Lila spoke out in her defense.

“Oh little Rina, you combine both mana and health into one stat now!  How could it not be god level?  Although your healing is restricted on regens for yourself, your heals on others will allow you to heal for near eternity!  Your class could be said to be the most sought after class in the game now!”

“Hehe… thank you Lila.”

Rina bashfully rubbed his toes back in forth as she was dressed in a priestess like uniform.  On the other hand Lila just chuckled again gave a slight smirk as she recalled her own class.

“Yes all our classes are amazing even my [Zeus’ Archer] is something to be terrified by.”

Lila after turning into the [Zeus’ Archer] would no longer use arrows and instead use lightning bolts for her attacks.  These attacks had near infinite possibilities to be used as most methods would not be able to even block not even speaking about saving their lives!  At this moment however the [World Message] dropped in front of them.

But not a single one of them batted an eye.  In fact they all only spoke with a clear tone of respect and anticipation.

“As expected of Shadow.  However, we will catch up to you!”

All in unison, they reconfirmed their goal and at one step at a time they would approach their friend, defeat him, and create the strongest guild in [Second Saga] with him.

[SS] Chapter 98: Spread The Bread

I’m not sure what everyone expects this chapter to be, hopefully you’ll think its funny, hopefully it went how you wanted~  It wasn’t a tough chapter to write as it was kinda just a simple fun enjoyable chapter.  Like usual comment if you see improvement or places that can be improved.  I think I’ll finish the volume tonight for you guys so keep checking for the next few hours~

Until next time Ciao Cubs~

As Hydra rushed out, he wanted to collapse as he nearly lost all of his energy.  He was at the same time conflicted.  After all Porkto had gathered the entire population of the [Piglet] race, to find him.  On the other hand it was a pain because both sides could end being crippled when both of them were definitely on the same side.  How could they not be they all love bread!  Following the Bread God would only lead to a greater friendship but if they couldn’t communicate would one side take it was provocation?  This was what Hydra worried about most.  Thus failed to fall over and rushed full on instead.

Irina and Valeria both chose to not make an appearance at this time, this was somehow fortunate as Hydra didn’t know how to meet them at this point in time.  He also had a huge potential problem and didn’t want his mind to wander for even a second.  Although he knew how to prioritize he was after all still a young man who had the hearts of two beautiful women.

Shaking his head Hydra rushed to the front lines.


Cline roared towards, him not in anger but in delight.  He was naturally the second in command but no one but Hydra could raise the morale an extreme.  As such when all the Bread followers turned to look at their Lord they all put in twice the effort, and their efficiency rose as well.  They helped one another setup wooden fences blockades and even started to dip small trenches.  However all of this was useless as Hydra knew they wouldn’t, or at the very least shouldn’t be fighting.  So when Hydra saw this he only whispered a few words to Cline.

It was so sudden, and so confusing that Cline wasn’t even able to make an expression as the shock froze every muscle in his face.

‘You want to make peace with pigs?!’

At this Cline wanted to backhand this student of his and push onto the right path.  He didn’t want the one student he finally decided to teach to become an blockhead who would think up of suicide tactics,and he thought to himself again.

‘Are you crazy… wait.. Of Course you are who am I kidding.’

As Cline felt the huge internal conflicts within his mind he couldn’t help but finally shrug, but at this point Hydra had already left cline in his dream world not even waiting for his permission.  Naturally Cline’s lips twitched while smiling.  He was now scheming how to get revenge on this brat again.  Little did he know that Hydra was also one to take revenge regardless of how small or insignificant the detail was.  Thus began the war between student and teacher.

“Falcon, come with me, but don’t fight under any circumstances.  Oh also grab some bread.”

“Yes Lord Hydra!”

Falcon with his big burly muscles immediately rushed over causing slight tremors below his feet as he ran to the tents quickly grabbing as much bread as he could.  Of course when Hydra said grab ‘some’ bread, he meant literally some, but instead Falcon happily accepting the mission grabbed as many pieces as his huge body could grab.  Some were stuffed down his pants, others were balancing on his wide shoulders, thick head, squished under his armpits or the massive mountain in his arms.  When Hydra saw this he almost yelled at him to return and grab a few, however he quickly stopped himself, apparently Falcon was too excited to get a mission from Hydra that he lost himself.

Hydra wasn’t going to bother reprimanding someone who was trying their best for his sake so he just turned around and walked towards the army of pigs.  Although they had been spotted some time ago they didn’t rush to fight, in fact they were patiently standing still as if scoping out the camp waiting for something.  When Porkto’s eyes were scanning the area he noticed two humans walking out.  One was someone he knew all very well.  It was Shadow in his human illusion form.  Porkto knew his appearance because he was there as well when they accidentally “killed” him.  On the other hand, now that Porkto was registered as Hydra’s mount, he felt a certain connection with him, and thus could also tell that way.  On the other hand Porkto also looked towards the giant man carrying a massive pile of bread.

Porkto’s snout twitched uncontrollably for a long time before being able to calm down.  When he saw that his priest was safe, he roared.

“Our priest is safe!  Stay here, I will go talk with him!”

Porkto rushed forward with his giant muscles swaying back and forth, seeing this Hydra almost immediately thought it wa s pig version of Falcon.  Naturally he denied everything that he mind thought of on the spur of the moment. Two armies, both following the same religion, but differing species.  Both thinking that the other is harmful to them they are both wary of one another. And only Hydra knows that both of these scary terrifying fanatics are one in the same.  Hydra rushed over to meet Porkto and his 13 bodyguards.  The distance quickly shorted to them only being a few steps apart.  Immediately after Porkto snorted and started to speak in pig language.


‘Sigh I knew this was going to happen, but whatever I might as well try something.’

Hydra felt disappointed that he could no longer understand Porkto in his human form and if he didn’t think of a way to communicate soon, Porkto would definitely think he was disguising as Shadow and would immediately attack trying to save him.  Naturally he was perfectly fine and right in front of him, however Hydra still had to prove that.  And what better way than to communicate back?  Thus Hydra cleared his throat thrice, and coughed twice.  Opening his mouth only once he spoke.


A few seconds passed.  Only a slight breeze could be felt and not even  cricket could be heard.  Falcon who was happy to receive his mission stood there confused.  He almost, infinitely close thought that Hydra went senile.  If it wasn’t for the fact that Falcon was already thoroughly baptised as a brealiever he would have already started to show him how useful his bulging muscles were.  Of course as fast as he nearly doubted it immediately dissipated without a trace.  This silence was already past the awkward point an soared into the ‘What’ scaling. No one knew how to respond especially  Porkto.  Although he couldn’t understand the human pig dialect he somehow felt that ‘Shadow’ was swearing at him.  It made him so stunned even his snout didn’t twitch.  That was enough to show how stunned Porkto was at this point.  But just as Hydra was thinking all else failed, the one thing that would never fail him, popped up.


Miracle!  You have learn [Awkward Pig Dialect] (Passive)
You can speak pig, naturally it’s awkward so you might swear without knowing it.


Once again Hydra lightly cleared his throat.  Somehow he was sweating profusely.  He knew from the awkward silence his attempt was an utter failure however what mattered was that he got the skill, and luckily his luck didn’t turn into a curse at the most crucial time.  If it did there would be a bloody war with bread’s existence on the line.  How could Hydra let such a thing happen after building up his religion with so much effort?  To break the silence he begun to speak immediately.

“Your majesty!  I am sorry for my absence. My subordinates were worried and thought I was in danger and rushed to save me.  I apologize and hope you can forgive me.!”


Porkto’s snout twitched a couple times he let out a giant breath he had been holding.  He was worried because Hydra wasn’t communicating with him naturally at first and spoke some weird swear like gibberish.  Luckily before Porkto could recover Hydra spoke again to make him completely forget about the previous dialect and immediately noticed Hydra’s words.

“OH!  OH!  Brother you say this is your human army?  Good!  Good!  I think this is great!  Who are they?”

Seeing Porkto’s excitement Hydra smirked.  He knew he could no longer hide that he was the ‘Shadow’ that created the Bread Order, now to seal the deal and combine the two the only thing he could do was speak the truth and await for Porkto to roll over in shock!

“Portko, in fact I didn’t mean to hide this from you, but at first I didn’t know how true to the Bread God you were.  After seeing your care for me by gathering the entire army, I am touched and will tell you my secret!”

“Oh! OH!  Well brother Shadow don’t keep me waiting tell me!”

Porkto’s snout twitched in excitement and even his tail started to mimic the over exaggerated movements of his snout.  Hydra at this moment was feeling quiet happy building up the tension was after all quite fun.  However he too anticipated to see Porkto’s and the rest of the piglet’s reactions so he sucked in a deep breath ready to roar loud enough for the entire army of [piglets] to hear him!

“This is the [Fellowship Of The Bread Order]….. And I am Shadow, the creator of the Bread religion!”

The words echoed through the air, although to the bread followers it was nothing but weird snorting and oinking that definitely though it was some sort of amazing speech.  After all who was Hydra?  He was their Lord Hydra the Bread lord and number one passionate follower of the Bread God.  The person who showed them miracle after miracle and today they could only imagine that another miracle was about to happen in front of them.


Porkto was so stunned his tail went straight!  This was the max level of stunness for Porkto.  Whenever his tail went straight it was serious business, and nothing could be more serious than this!  At the same time the pigs started to chatter amongst themselves however the chatter soon turned into roars and loud screams.

“KYAH!  I knew it!  Priest Shadow is the best!  Ah I shoulda took the chance to oink him when I could!  Now I’ll never able to!”

“What a pig amongst men?  Man amongst Pigs?!  Blah!  He’s a hero!  He’s the Priest of the Bread Order!”

“….Is what you say true bother?!”

“It is Porkto… and I hope, that you and the rest of the [piglets] will join me and spread the bread (that fucking rhyme though Tongue) and save all those pigs in need of help.  Porkto, your majesty, will you join us, the Bread Order?”

[SS] Chapter 97: A light Breeze

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Before Hydra could even speak Valeria had already left the tent, so she naturally didn’t hear Hydra’s response. Although she didn’t need to as she knew from both how awkward they were their clumsy kiss couldn’t be anything but a first. Thinking of this while she ran out she blushed furiously and held her cheeks as she continued to rush through the campsite, hoping no one would notice her current state of mind.

However, there was one person who noticed, a person who was crouching near a red panda.
Seeing Valeria rush off Irina resolved herself to make a step forward, as for when she did even she didn’t know.

Hydra was currently still stunned to the point that he couldn’t even continue to rub his lips where he was previously kissed. After all Hydra, although a young adult he hadn’t known what a physical relationship was and he had no idea it could feel… so good! This didn’t mean that Hydra’s feelings for Valeria were now love, but at the same time Hydra would no longer be able to see Valeria the same way ever again.

It could be said that Valeria’s courage paid off only she didn’t truly know how well it paid off. But Valeria knew for sure that what she did was the same thing as starting a war with Irina. Any who knew Irina well enough could tell she had budding feelings for Hydra, she wasn’t overly friendly with anyone else but Hydra. She wasn’t reclusive but she made it known that only Hydra could see her cheerful and childish attitude. Although it can said to be quite immature, she indulged in the ability to act spoiled by Hydra. She was after all the first person who started travelling with Hydra.

This was a position that no one could take from her. Thus she acted childish, but at the same time this was also what Hydra wished for. He knew that Irina had grown up with many responsibilities and knowing that she was a bird in a cage he wanted her to enjoy herself to the fullest.

Without waiting another second Irina picked up Pan and rushed towards Hydra’s tent. Opening the tent flap with a smooth but forceful manner, Hydra who was stunned jolted out of his shock and looked towards Irina world was entering with Pan in her bosom.


Hydra looked towards Irina, but he knew something was wrong. She had a sour expression her face, one with a slight tinge of pain and regret. Although he wasn’t sure what exactly was the reason due to the events that just transpired he could only think that she knew something. As such he called out to her with a hint of confusion in his voice.

“Don’t speak, I’ll talk.”

Irina lifted her bright eyes as she stared deeply into Hydra’s nearly causing him to unconsciously look away in embarrassment. But he knew she was serious and he didn’t want to make it hard for her. So he gathered his courage and stared back. Two people stared back and forth for how long, not even the two themselves would be able to tell. Pan at the time had looked back and forth between the two so many times he was starting to become dizzy and upon noticing that Pan was becoming fidgety, the deadlock finally stopped.

Irina, gracefully put Pan down and once again looked at Hydra. But this time she spoke softly as if each word of hers was precious and would float away forever if Hydra didn’t catch them now.

“I may not know exactly what happened between you two, but I know that I won’t let her steal you from me.”


As Hydra was about to speak Irina once again took the initiative and rushed only a few inches from his body and she gently placed her finger on his mouth, although the strength was by far what was needed to stop Hydra from talking, it felt as if it was a weight that simply could not be removed as he kept his mouth shut and listened to Irina.

“Hydra, we may not have been traveling together that long, but the times we were together were my greatest moments. Every laugh, every tear, every skip of my heartbeat, all of those were made possible cause you were there with me. Now, I won’t any take that away from me.”

As she spoke here was a gentleness that Hydra first saw when she cried for him, for her mother. But there was also a hint of the fiery passion and cheerful Irina after another few words. Her facial expressions didn’t change to match the differing tones of voice but only smirk that meant so much more than what Hydra was able to tell at the moment.

When she finished she didn’t remove her finger, instead she brought both her hands and placed both her thumbs over Hydra’s lips and stretched her tiny fingers along his cheeks. Hydra wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen next, however he only stood there and waited as if waiting was the perfect thing to do. Then Irina went on her tippy toes and slowly closed the distance of their face. At this Hydra was alarmed but suddenly, but because her fingers were still placed over his lips it didn’t feel as sudden as Valeria’s kiss. But the moment she placed her tiny red lips on her thumbs, she transferred some of her magic through her lips into her thumbs which they prickled onto Hydra’s out lips.

This feeling was certainly different from the moist lips of Valeria however he could feel that almost as if a soft breeze was caressing his lips telling him to simply enjoy the moment, as such Hydra could no longer keep his eyes opened as he enjoyed the feeling completely. Unfortunately as he was just enjoying the breeze it disappeared as it did he opened his eyes with a hint of disappointment and looked towards Irina. Her face had a tinge of red to it while she tried her best to overcome her embarrassment, something Hydra couldn’t help but think was cute. The moment they locked eyes, Irina this time rushed towards the exit. Like Valeria, she too turned at the last moment and spoke out.

“You can have my first when you take it for yourself. Until then, let that serve as a reminder that I am waiting for you.”

With that she left. Leaving Hydra to be stunned by her words. A long time passed and Hydra realized he spent enough time stunned in one day that could last him a lifetime, but none of these moments felt wrong. Every single detail he couldn’t describe or remember them perfectly. There was simply too many small details that happened all at once that he couldn’t picture it perfectly in his mind. But that was what allowed it to be so perfect. Hydra could feel the previous electrifying feeling from Valeria’s lips, or the soft caressing breeze from Irina’s touch. Both were perfect in their own ways.

But as fate would have it, Hydra wasn’t left to ponder the feelings of love, even if he could he had no idea as to how. He was too ignorant of these topics to from him to have a starting place. It was like there was a labyrinth with a million entrances and he could choose only one that was correct. The moment he wanted to start thinking, another person rushed into the door.

“Lord Hydra!”

“Falcon? What’s wrong?”

“There is a massive army of piglets approaching!”

“Oh…. I totally forgot.”


Falcon looked on with confusion to Hydra’s words as he couldn’t piece the information together, but Pan looked on as if saying, “As expected of Master”. While Hydra kneaded his temples, he had no idea how to get out of this one.


“Set up the perimeter! Don’t let any of the [Piglets] within 50 meters of the camp! You! Get your ass to position!”

Cline roared at the bread followers as they rushed to set defensive positions against the army coming their way. He hadn’t thought that such a huge army of [Piglets] was possible, and although they were of the weakest monsters in Tsula, he would never underestimate his opponents. After all it wasn’t the individual strength that generally won wars, it was numbers and technology difference. Although they held the difference in technology, the overwhelming numbers of the [Piglets] could with one stampede wipe out their entire force. Naturally it would also come with a huge price to the [Piglets] army as well. Although Cline didn’t think so at first, now the Bread followers were incredibly strong as a team. They worked together to save their brothers from harm even at the cost of their own bodies without hesitation. This was an important part when it came to war. Hesitation! It lead to many warriors great lives to be ended without them being able to achieve their deserved glory. But, as for the Bread followers they may not be the strongest or most talented warriors, but they didn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives if needed. Although none of them had died it was simply they would be willing to at a moments notice if for the greater good. Such a small army was possibly the most scary one. An army that would fight regardless of their foe, an army that would stand by their leader in the face of millions of enemies and not even bat an eyelid. This was when Cline truly realized the fearsome power of being a follower of the Bread. A follower of the one true god, the Bread God!